Air Ambulance Service

Each air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft. The purpose is to safely transport sick and injured people during a medical emergency. The air ambulance is similar to a ground ambulance. There are common equipment used in both air and ground ambulances. These include:

  • Ventilators
  • CPR equipment
  • ECGs
  • Monitoring units
  • Stretchers and any needed medical equipment

air ambulance

Intriguing History About EMS

The idea of using aircraft for the treatment of patients had originated in the military. The concept of an aircraft ambulance is rather old. This can be dated back all the way to 1870. The very first Air Ambulance had been used to fly an officer from a battlefield to a hospital to receive medical care. The first flight occurred during the Siege of Paris. It was a Serbian officer who had been flown to a hospital by the French Air Service.

The air ambulance had reduced the mortality rate of the injured. The rates were reduced from 60 percent to below 10 percent with the use of the air ambulance. This EMS has indeed continued to make a large impact on the mortality rate of those injured individuals in need of rapid, quality medical care. The entire idea of organized air services continued to catch on and additions have been made to this medical transportation.