Non-Emergency Transport

Benefits of Non-Emergency Transport

There are indeed many benefits that will come with the use of non-emergency transports at This is a service that is similar to a taxi service. This is exceptional for any elderly or disabled individuals. This service is ready to provide any needed medical assistance as you travel. Every rider can count on this service to conform to all safety standards. The vehicles are modified in every way and will incorporate any needed accommodation private medical transportations.

transportation for elderly

This may include a hydraulic lift. The non-emergency medical transportation does play an important role in the medical field. The staff is trained to ensure proper medical care. Every rider can depend on the skilled professionals to assist them in any way. A few of the many benefits include:

  • Comfortable ride
  • Qualified medical staff
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Clear information about the fees
  • Added independence
  • Timely and friendly service
  • Reliable transportation

These are only a sample of the benefits that come with the non-emergency medical transport service. Satisfaction will be guaranteed for every person who needs a little tender loving care with their ride.

Air Transportation for Medical Reasons

There are air medical services that will move patents to an equipped healthcare facility as the trained medical professionals provide any needed emergency medical care. Air transport dates back all the way to World War 1. This has been an expanding method of transport. Typically a helicopter is used to ensure safe travel from a trauma scene to an equipped medical facility. The personnel are ready to perform any needed comprehensive emergency and critical care to a patient. A patient transported by helicopter can expect to receive a high level of care. This care will begin at the trauma scene itself. This will be ongoing during the ride to the medical facility.

air ambulance

This type of medical transportation is known as helicopter-based emergency medical service. It is EMS. The condition of every patient will be assessed to determine if their condition will warrant air medical transport. There are certain protocols that are adhered to. The medical staff are trained to ensure appropriate criteria for the transport is applied to each prospective patient. The triage criteria will be applied to every patient.

Proper triage will prevent a costly situation of transporting a patient who may not need this level of transport. Safety is a top priority in this type of medical transport. The weather conditions and air traffic patterns are considered prior to the transportation taking place. The entire crew are involved in the safety precautions. There are a number of programs that incorporate the use of the air medical services.